Milestone Startup Giveaway By Full Version

Giveaway Status (Expired). Expires On 19/3/2017.

You have the follow the below three classes of steps to enter the giveaway. And remember only Step 1 is compulsory to be completed so as to enter the giveaway successful. And Step 2 and Step 3 are optprotonal step, which if you complete will increase your chances in the giveaway to win the products. The giveaway is quite simple and straight forward, everything is explained below but if still you don’t understand the giveaway, simply watch the below guide video. And once again, remember not to do spam entries in the giveaway as you will be out of the giveaway automatically and wont be allowed to participate in the upcoming giveaways. You can also watch the below video made by Mark(One Of Our Admin) on how to participate in the giveaway.

Note: The plugin that we used for the giveaway is disabled due to some reasons, but those who made their entries, their names are safe with use. The new users will have to participate manually.

You can also increase your chances in the giveaway by 10%, by following the below steps and after completing them successfully, you will be awarded with an extra 25% chances to win the giveaway.

How Can I Participate->

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