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Overview FARHOME:

This is one of the unique science fictproton video games based on VR technology and can only be played on VR devices. You will have to run a science research facility in FARHOME free download PC game. New cures and serums must be developed for the flare virus which is spreading across the globe. Suddenly a deadly virus breakthrough, known as the Flare virus and has almost killed all of the human race. Your primary job and objective in FARHOME free download is to find a working cure or serum for flare virus to save the human race. Similarly like Extinction video game, you will find giant monsters and big bosses to stop you from completing your missprotons. Moreover, you will journey to the Wasp-21 Ariadne planets system to find and explore a new habitable planet.

In fact you will learn about alien civilizatprotons and species while exploring the Wasp-21 Ariadne planets system in FARHOME free download PC game. The primary goal of the expeditproton is to deploy a human colony from the spaceship and defend the people of earth from alien invaders. However, this FARHOME free download does not supports multiplayer game mode. Nevertheless, the new planets of Wasp-21 Ariadne holds its own threats and challenges. Conclusively in a nutshell, FARHOME free download is an outstanding sci-fi  video game especially for VR devices and it is also compatible with android devices.

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