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What does school insurance cover?

The Compulsory School Insurance exists in Spain since 1953. During the Franco regime, this coverage managed by Social Security came to light, which includes accidents, illnesses, and family misfortunes among its guarantees. However, it is a product with limitations and it does not cover the entire school population. For this reason, the AMPAS, the addresses of many centers, and some supplier companies contract private insurance to expand the risks and provide coverage to schoolchildren who are outside the mandatory protection.

From the outset, the youngest is excluded, since it is only mandatory for third and fourth ESO, Vocational Training, and university students up to 28 years of age. Students of higher music and dance courses also enjoy this protection.

The compulsory insurance includes coverage for students related to accidents, illnesses, and family misfortune. This last concept refers to the death of the head of the family and to family ruin or bankruptcy. The purpose in both cases is to guarantee that the student will be able to continue with their studies. However, it is limited to a family income of just over 6,000 euros per head. The policy expressly excludes cases in which the family has a permanent financial insufficiency to pay for studies.

In the private sphere, there are policies called continuity of studies that offer economic resources with the same purpose but more abundant and with fewer conditions in the event of the death of a parent or family ruin.

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