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This is the worst antivirus you can install on PC and mobile in 2021


We all know which are the best antivirus for Windows 10 and the best antivirus for Android mobiles. The leaders of these classifications have held this position for years with slight variations. However, every so often new alternatives come to the market that seeks to gain a foothold, either competing in price or in other areas. Users must be very cautious with them and always look for information from specialized companies in the analysis of these solutions. Today we collect the latest reports on antivirus for PC and mobile from which we will extract the keys to say which is the worst antivirus you can install on PC and mobile in 2021.

Every few months, AV-Test confirms us which are the best antivirus for Windows, macOS, and Android. In the case of Mac, we have decided not to include them in the list since all those available and analyzed by the German firm get a good score. However, that does not happen in the case of PC and mobile, where we have solutions that leave a lot to be desired.

Worst antivirus for Windows 10

AV-Test has analyzed 22 antiviruses for private users in its latest list. As we know, 18 maximum points are awarded for antivirus, being 6 from the protection category, 6 from the performance category, and 6 from the usability category. Quite a few solutions are placed with scores of 17, 17.5, and 18 points, although not all that glitters is gold.

Cylance Smart Antivirus scores a 2.5 for protection. This is because it is unable to detect 15% of the viruses used for testing. This is not a good solution in companies either. Cylance Protect 2.1 scores 3 out of 6 for protection. That’s the same score that Sangfor Endpoint Security Protect 4.2 receives.

Worst antivirus for Android mobiles

The success of the Android operating system with market shares exceeding 90% in many countries makes it a prime target for cybercriminals. For that reason, many users are choosing to install security solutions, although not all of them are as recommended as they seem. First of all, we recommend you read the opinions of users in the Google Play Store and other application stores, as they will allow us to get an idea.

According to AV-Test, one of the worst in protection is Google Play Protect in version 22.7. This native tool from the app store seeks to prevent us from downloading malware, although its protection is quite doubtful. As for standalone solutions, the German firm does not recommend the use of NBP Line antivirus 2.1. In this case, you only get 3.5 points in protection.

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